Our Story

Daak and Dana is an ode to the art of creating.
A design studio based out of Bangalore, India. Our founder Sanithra Raju is a passionate Arts & Crafts enthusiast and holds a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from Raffles Millennium University
Daak and Dana are two personas that come together to create unique timeless products.
We are all encompassing in terms of style and don’t follow a specific genre or aesthetic.
It is really about the creation of beautiful forms and structures by hand.
We strive to revive age-old techniques and create products that are built to last, inspired by artisans all around the world and their techniques who we take cues and inspiration for our objects Our aim is to bridge the gap for a consumer so as to provide quality without the limitation of geographical boundaries.
Each collection of ours will unfold like a new chapter in a story book and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!